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How to Register ID domain names
Posted by Wilson Chua on 20 February 2008 03:04 AM
To register the domain .CO.ID, local owner presence is required and domain name must be similar to company name or exact match of registered trademark in Indonesia. If you own the registered trademark for the domain but do not have a local contact, a local contact can be arranged for you, at a cost of $100 per year per domain. You must have a registered trademark in Indonesia to register domain names.

To register a trademark in Indonesia, you will need to visit or contact an attorney to file for an Indonesian trademark. For more information about international trademarks, visit . To search existing trademarks visit and select "mark", enter your word in the corresponding field and click "search".

Price is i287 n Australian dollars. $100 Australian dollars is approximately $75 U.S. dollars, depending on the exchange rate.

Here is the process for registering a domain name in Indonesia:

1. Register your domain name. Click here to register
2. You will be sent documents to sign that you own the Indonesian trademark and that is it is an exact match for the domain that you wish to purchase.
3. You will need to sign the document and either post or fax the agreement to us
4. Your Indonesian domain name will be registered

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UPS trip causes outage
Posted by Wilson Chua on 31 March 2006 05:40 AM
The Chroma UPS powering Corner B tripped today. This caused the downtime to much of the hosted servers.
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Free Beta Service for Desktop Users
Posted by Wilson Chua on 23 March 2006 02:27 AM
We are providing free service in our beta rollout for our HelpDesk support system. Please feel free to send us your desktop support issues, and we will attempt to answer these. Simply create a ticket, and choose "Internet-Desktop Support" for this.
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Bitstop Help Desk Support Goes Live
Posted by Wilson Chua on 13 March 2006 12:17 PM
Thank you for reading this posts. By now, i hope you can take advantage of our new help desk support system. All tickets will have a due date and time. If they are not acted upon within the specified time frame, they will be escalated to a supervisor. If they are still unacted after a set time frame, they will eventually be escalated to me.

I hope to hear all your comments-Wilson L. Chua
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