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Flush emails in the mail queue ( qmail )
Posted by - NA - on 14 April 2009 07:12 PM
For those running their server as an email server, this can help.

This will set the number of qmail-remote processes which can run
at any given time.

Qmail by default has no given setting but this will fix that.
This will set the limit. You can modify this at any time later on
if you wish to do so by running these commands again.

Command line.
su -

For Plesk 6 & Earlier Plesk Versions.
pico -w /var/qmail/control/concurrencyremote
& Press

For Plesk 7
nano /var/qmail/control/concurrencyremote

At this point you should not see any number in this config.

The higher the number you place here the more connections qmail
will attempt at a given time.

I suggest entering a value of 20 unless you send a lot of email.
We run ours at 180 or better but we send 118,000 emails daily.
At 180 , it will send these in about 3 hours or so.
Note: it does take a lot of the system resources when set
to a high number.

Once you type in the number value ,
hold down Crtl and press o < this is a o - Not A Zero.

Then press enter to write the config. line.

Hold down Ctrl and press x to exit.

Now restart qmail with the following comman.

/sbin/service qmail restart

That's all you do..
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