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Symptom:My sys ads already opened PORT 1755. I still can't get to the streams. Resolution:We had one user that was behind an MS Proxy server. He reinstalled the MSP client and it started to working.
I know that streaming media normally do not pass through a firewall. I am behind a firewall, what can I do? You can ask your system administrator or your ISP to allow or 'open' port 1755 for the MMS protocol or 554 for RTSP protocol to work. If they ar...
You can do a tracert (traceroute command) [/start/run/command/tracert 'telco'] Please substitute 'telco' with either info, globe, etpi or digitel. For example: c:/> tracert Tracing route to
The Internet Broadcast does not support Real Player and can only be listened to using Windows Media Player. If you do not already have the Windows Media Player please download it here. Updates: Real Player now has codecs installed that allows it to pl...
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